Women reportedly followed at Grovetown Walmart

Women reportedly followed at Grovetown Walmart

COLUMBIA COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - Reports of women being followed around in stores are circulating the internet. Two women in Grovetown say a man made them feel uncomfortable in their local Walmart

Marki Anderson and her friend Kandice Agee were walking around the store when they saw the same man on almost every aisle. “I was so freaked out and I felt terrible that I was distracted and wasn’t paying attention." That’s how Anderson describes her feelings when she realized the man following them.

“The man just seemed to be popping up every where we were, with nothing in his cart," said Agee.

They say while they were shopping, they felt a man with an empty cart was following their every move. And once they got to the self checkout area he approached them.

“He started talking to my daughter and he was commenting on how cute the kids were wearing and her daughters red hair. And again he had nothing he was buying, I think he had like a pack of gum,” Anderson explained.

Once they made their way to the parking lot, they saw him circling their car several times before he went to went to his car. The uncomfortable experience led her to filing a police report.

“Whenever that happens and we get a report like that we’ll look into it, we’ll pull the video from whichever store it happened at, see if we can identify the person.” Though many people are posting similar experiences on social media, that may or may not be true, Staff Sergeant Tom Digsby with the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office Investigations says, it’s up to them to make that decision. “But we can’t let a hoax whether it’s a popular hoax or a unique one, we can’t look at that, we have to look at every situation that’s reported individually and determine whether or not anything happened.”

The sheriff’s office says they have their own techniques they use to find people. They urge you not to collect your own evidence because it may escalate the situation.

“So again, that’s our job if the person making the complaint can make it easier on us then that’s great but don’t ever put yourself in a risky situation to try to do something like that.”

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