Local boy wins ASPCA Kid of the Year Award after working to save over 1300 dogs

Local boy wins ASPCA Kid of the Year Award after working to save over 1300 dogs

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - A seven-year-old Augusta boy is gaining national attention due to his love for dogs. Since he was four years old, Roman McConn has been working to help pups find their forever home. In three years, he’s helped over 1300. He has not slowed down in his mission to help homeless animals, and that’s why the ASPCA recognized Roman in November as the 2018 Kid of the Year.

Roman’s mother says it all started when he saw homeless puppies outside of PetSmart. It was right before Roman’s birthday, and he decided that he wanted people to donate to the animal shelter than buy him gifts. At that point, his mom says she started getting involved and taking him to the shelter. There, they would ask to play with the dogs that had been kenneled the longest, and would take videos with the dogs to post on social media. Roman explained, “We actually make videos for their adoption. The video is giving information about the dog." His reason behind making the videos is simple. “I believe they deserve more than a life in the kennel,” he said.

A year after they started making the videos, Roman’s mom started a nonprofit called Project Freedom Ride. The organization works to send dogs to parts of the country with higher adoption rates. Roman said, “They have better luck finding a home because there’s more adopters and less dogs.” To date, Project Freedom Ride alone has saved almost 1,400 dogs. Roman said, “It makes me feel happy because I feel like I saved a life.”

The national attention that the boy has gained has only made his passion for helping dogs stronger. He’s set a lofty goal for 2019. He said, “My New Year’s Resolution is, drum roll please, to get every dog in America adopted.” He said he hopes to accomplish the goal with the help of other kids, and the support of the community.

As far as Project Freedom Ride, they are sending out their next group of dogs on Friday, January 18.

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