New Track & Field comes to Allendale

New Track & Field comes to Allendale

ALLENDALE, SC (WFXG) - Folks in Allendale will have something they’re not used to having, a track and field.

This $1.2 million dollar investment from the state as well as grants has been several years in the making.

For the past 11 years, In order for the coaches & athletes to practice they would have to travel to Denmark, South Carolina. It’s a 25 minutes drive back and forth from Allendale.

But the Athletic Director says this isn’t only for their student- athletes.

“It will give our community a chance to also come out and use it as a wellness track where they can walk throughout the day,” says Coby Brandyburg.

Despite these students and coaches not having their own fields, between the boys and girls they’ve won more than 6 state championships in the past several years.

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