Family: New Karleen Road homicide victim leaves behind 3 children

People who live in the area say this homicide is just the latest violent crime that has them growing more concerned about their safety

Family: New Karleen Road homicide victim leaves behind 3 children

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Yellow crime scene tape and crime scene tech gloves are what Richmond County investigators say is left of the shooting death at a home on New Karleen Road Saturday night.

The mother of 14-month-old LJ has lived in Augusta her entire life. Now she’s concerned about the violence that seems to be happening more frequently. So much so, she didn’t want to show her face for this interview.

“There’s some crimes that’s gone wrong and I’ve seen people run from these places and they’re still out running the streets,” she said. She wonders what the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office is doing to stop the violence.

The crime is too close for comfort. She said she didn’t know him but spoke to Sean Bussard the day before he was killed.‬

“From me living around here, I have seen him numerous of times and I’ve never seen him bother anybody,” she recalled.

Richmond county coroner said someone called 9-1-1 about the shooting just before 9:30 p.m. Deputies found the 41-year-old man shot in the head. The Coroner said Bussard was already dead when he arrived to the scene. Investigators interviewed people on the scene while crime scene techs examined it.

Right now there’s no information on who’s involved and why.

“They need to find whoever his killer is because obviously he was a target and my main concern is there is children in his community - just like there is in my community - and we fear for our children to come out and play in their own front yard,” said the concerned citizen.

New Testament Christian Church Pastor TR Fields and his wife told FOX 54 they heard two gunshots ‪Saturday night during church service and thought nothing of it, because people shoot off fireworks all the time.

They issued the following statement:

“We are praying for the family and we are here for them.”

As this investigation unfolds, LJ’s mom tell me she hopes whoever did this is found and justice is served.

The coroner told us Bussard’s body is going to the G-B-I LAB Monday for an autopsy. Bussard’s family members tell us he leaves behind three children: Shauna, Cameron and Georgia.

The mother of Sean’s youngest child, Georgia, told us this:

“Whoever knows anything needs to come forward and say something so his children can know the person who did this will be held accountable. Never thought I’d have to explain to our daughter that her father was viciously murdered.”


One man is dead after being shot in the head on the 3800 block of New Karleen Road.

According to the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office, deputies responded in reference to a shooting on Saturday night.

When they arrived they located a male victim who was shot in the head. There is no suspect information at this time.

Investigators say this is an ongoing investigation.

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