What you need to know before Tax Season 2019

Richmond County town hall tackles tax benefits and planning

What you need to know before Tax Season 2019
Tax Commissioner Steven Kendrick speaks to nearly 100 people about property tax exemptions, the new 24-hour tax kiosk inside Kroger on Washington Road and more. (Source: Jasmine Anderson)


What you need to know before Tax Season 2019

In Richmond County, property tax returns must be filed with the Tax Commissioner’s Office by April 1st. Richmond County District 4 Commissioner Sammie Sias dedicated his monthly breakfast to tax benefits and planning. Attendees say it’s quite helpful.

“I suggest everyone come to these meetings,” said Wilbert Barrett.

At Jamestown Community Center off Sammie Sias Lane, a roomful of Richmond County residents like Wilbert Barrett Are here interacting with leaders - like council members and Mayor Hardie Davis - and getting answers directly from the Tax Commissioner’s office

Such as tag services active duty and veterans can get from its Fort Gordon location.

“One thing I didn’t know about that you can get the placard also with the tag. i didn’t know that. Which, I am disabled. I have a tag but I don’t have a placard. But I am going to go out on Fort Gordon and fill out the packet and get my placard," Barrett said.

District 4 Commissioner Sammie Sias said it’s important to let people know about benefits so they can apply for them now.

“If you need to know about taxes, this is the time of year to know about it," Commissioner Sias said.

For example, the homestead exemption: something all homeowners are entitled to that saves about $160 bucks a year; and widow exemptions, providing some tax relief after a spouse’s death...

Commissioner Sias said several people learned about those tax breaks for the first time Saturday.

“One particular lady, she had a very sick husband. She came here and she found out some things she can do to help her family. Now he’s passed but she has been a staunch supporter of this breakfast ever since,” said Commissioner Sias.

It’s one of many successful ones, connecting citizens with the people who work for them.

On February 8th, Augusta’s Procurement Director Geri Sams will make a special presentation. Meetings lalst from 9 until 11 a.m.

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