Sister speaks about Bamberg couple found dead in state park

Sister speaks about Bamberg couple found dead in state park

BAMBERG COUNTY, SC (WFXG) - Janis Quintero Matos and Jamell Reggie Carter of Bamberg were found dead at Rivers Bridge State Park. The county coroner confirms the couple died after both were shot in the head. The investigation is ongoing as police have yet to identify a suspect.

Missing. That’s the label this couple held for over three weeks until their bodies were discovered 17 miles from their home. Janice Mato and Jamell Curtis left their home on Dec. 12 and were never heard from again.

“Why? And I try to understand why. And I don’t get anything on it.” Family members are devastated to hear what happened to their loved ones. Janice’s sister, Lily Quintero, found out she was missing on Facebook. “I took a screenshot and I was like ‘I don’t understand. I’m pretty sure if something happened to my sister, someone would call me and tell me.’”

Their bodies turned up last Friday in Rivers Bridge State Park. The couple leaves behind children from previous marriages and one 10-month-old of their own.

“They didn’t deserve this, not this way. They were crazy, crazy for each other. They were always together.”

Right now, Quintero says the worst part is the unknown. “That not knowing. That waiting of why and when. If they know anything, or who did this or you have heard anything, just speak up."

SLED is working case. So far, they have not released any details about a possible suspect or motive.

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