Richmond County BoE holds rezoning meeting

Richmond County BoE holds rezoning meeting

RICHMOND COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - The Richmond County Board of Education held one of many public hearings to educate the public on rezoning students to a new school. It doesn’t have a name right now, so it’s being called Sego-Rollins-Southside K8.

Richmond County parents get first look at Sego-Rollins-Southside K8

Literacy Paraprofessional Rev. Dr. Ora Dugar said Dr. Pringle’s presentation was thorough and gave her a better understanding on the rezoning process. “I’m just looking forward to the move and just basically just going to a new position or a new building or something like that. I wasn’t at first. But I am looking forward to it tonight after what they said to us.”

Southside Elementary Parents likely got the first look at the state of the art building their students will attend in the fall.

Richmond County schools Superintendent Dr. Angela Pringle calls the Sego-Rollins-Southside K8 concept “an exciting learning environment.”

We attended the first of a dozen meetings to inform the public and joins us live outside Southside Elementary School, which will close its doors at the end of the school year. And about 750 total students will attend that new concept school. A principal has already been tapped.

I talked to a parent who said although this school holds lots of memories for her family, she welcomes the change.

Upcoming meetings:

  • Thursday, Jan. 10 & Wednesday, Jan. 16
    • Southside Elementary School, 3310 Old Louisville Rd.
  • Thursday, Jan. 24 & Tuesday, Feb. 5
    • Morgan Road Middle School, 3635 Hiers Blvd.
  • Monday, Feb. 11 & Monday, Feb. 25
    • Windsor Spring Elementary School, 2534 Windsor Spring Rd.
  • Tuesday, Jan. 22 & Thursday, Feb. 7
    • Rollins Elementary School, 2160 Mura Dr.
  • Monday, Feb. 18 & Thursday, Feb. 21
    • Alternative Education Center at Lamar, 970 Baker Ave.
  • Tuesday, Feb. 26
    • Board of Education, 864 Broad St.
  • Thursday, Feb. 28
    • Hephzibah High School, 4558 Brothersville Rd.

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