Questions surrounding the termination of Augusta HR Director

Questions surrounding the termination of Augusta HR Director

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Augusta – Richmond County Commissioners voted 8 to 2 to fire their HR Director on Tuesday.

Gwendoyln Connor has been on paid administrative leave for the past 45 days. One commissioner says he never got the answer to why she was being terminated.

“I just feel bad for a person who doesn’t have a fair opportunity,” says Commissioner Marion Williams.

District 9 Commissioner Marion Williams still has questions into why HR Director Gwendolyn Connor who was hired back in April was fired on Tuesday.

“We never had a conversation with her to ask her what happened? Is this true or not true,” he says.

All the City Attorney Andrew Mackenzie would say is that it was personnel matter that was discussed in legal. But Commissioner Williams says he believes it stems from the banning the box policy that was passed back in October.

“This all started behind banning the box. Once we talked about banning the box, her opinion was that we don’t tell anybody about somebody’s past. Not the department head, not anybody,” says Commissioner Williams.

Williams says not all other city leaders agreed and that’s where the problems started. There’s an allegation floating around stating that Connor spoke rough to employees but the City Administrator says she couldn’t comment on it calling it a personnel issue.

“As an elected official I don’t know why we even terminated her,” he says.

But going forward Commissioner Williams says he see’s this issue not going away as quick as the into her being let go.

“I hope she gets her legal attorney together and do something about it. Don’t lay down and turn over,” says Commissioner Williams.

He says the City Attorney talked to Connor about a severance package. He says she didn’t accept it.

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