Future of Augusta On Ice is uncertain

Future of Augusta On Ice is uncertain
Augusta On Ice (Source: wfxg)

EVANS, GA (WFXG) - Augusta On Ice was full of people on December 26, enjoying time with their friends and family. Due to the recent weather, sights like that have been few and far between.

Owners have had to close the rink for half of the Saturdays they’ve been opened this season due to rain. Saturdays are the busiest days, as that’s when people are off work and able to take their family to the rink. For owners, it’s frustrating.

Mike Boerner, co-owner of Augusta On Ice, said, “We’re doing this for the good of the community. We were looking for a way to get involved and give something back, and we are. You look behind me and see all these people that are having a great time, but we are a little uncertain about how we are going to move forward into next year with the ice rink.” Boerner and his wife are looking into changing the business into a non-profit so they can open the rink for the community next year.

The rink will stay open through January 6.

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