H54K: Burke County teen helps collect over 3,000 cans of food for those in need

H54K: Burke County teen helps collect over 3,000 cans of food for those in need

BURKE COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - Every week FOX54 celebrates kids who are shining bright in our community, doing good for others, or provide inspiration for their peers.

This week we celebrate a Burke County teen who is helping to make sure no one in her community is hungry during the holidays, in our “High 5 4 Kids.”

Overcoming epilepsy, taking AP classes, yearbook editor, cheerleader – 16-year-old Alex Philpott does it all.

Her latest accomplishment? Taking the lead in her Beta Club canned food drive to benefit Burke County food banks.

“Well I was always told about kids who only had food at school to eat, and they came home and they didn’t have anything to eat,” she said.

Not only did she help with the collection at her school ( Burke County High School), but she got the folks at Waynesboro Elementary to join in on the effort. “The outpouring of our students, their parents – we had parents show up with over 250 or more cans at a time because they really wanted to support the effort,” Waynesboro Elementary School principal, Sam Adkins said, “and classrooms were just piled full of canned food items.” “She has always gone above and beyond,” Alex’s teacher and Beta Club advisor, Christina Hillis said. “She’s one of those people that if she sees any and she wants to fill it.”

“I guess that I’m fortunate enough to have food every time I go home, and so I just want everyone to be able to have that,” Alex said. The cause - touching the heart of a kindergartner, who chose to empty out her piggy bank for the cause and remain anonymous.

“She learned of the project from her teacher and wanted to contribute, and wanted to participate, and she said that she wanted to take her savings – all the money she had at home - and go and buy canned food for others, and she did,” Adkins said of the young good Samaritan.

Teachers at Burke County High school said the project multiplied the amount of cans collected last year, many times over.

“We went from 300 cans to over 3000 cans,” Hillis said. “So it just blew our minds at how far this actually ended up.”

“I was very excited! You know I can’t believe that I was able to raise that many cans,” Alex said.

“I am super, super proud of her - we all are,” Hillis said. “All of the advisers are super, super proud of her and we honestly could not be more ecstatic about this project.”

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