The Hope Dealer tackles military members’ destructive patterns

The Hope Dealer tackles military members’ destructive patterns

FORT GORDON, GA (WFXG) - “Be hope-filled people, not hopeless. The minute you start to feel hopeless is the minute you need to reach out and help somebody out.”

Meet Jeremy Bates: The Hope Dealer. He travels across the country to schools, Fortune 500 companies and military installations, challenging them to make healthy choices.

“And so you want to get people in touch with the idea of how they’re showing up every day. The reflexive patterns that they have in life that the things that they do without any conscious thought and we just wanna get people to raise the level of awareness.”

His message, making choices with intent and don’t sacrifice what you want most for what feels good in the moment, applying it to a range of issues from substance abuse to mental health.

“Part of this is to shed a little light on that and give them permission to see themselves as humans and not just heroes and people in uniforms, but to advocate for themselves in that moment when they’re not feeling the most healthy, too.”

Service members, like Battalion S4 NCOIC Ross Minton, can relate, saying there’s a balance between being a soldier and self care. “It’s not that you’re just going to help other people but you also need to take the time to check your mental health and work on that."

"You got to get to know the people, not just the uniform that they wear. The situation they may be in. You always gotta remember that there’s people behind that. That those people have a story.”

And walking away with tools that can help gives them the power to make a change.

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