More provisional ballots added after re-certification of Midterm Election results

Special called meeting following federal judge’s order on

More provisional ballots added after re-certification of Midterm Election results

AUGUSTA, GA. (WFXG) - The Richmond County Board of Elections got to work right after a federal judge told them to take a second look at provisional ballots.

“We have been busy the last couple of days reviewing those ballots," said Richmond County Board of Elections Executive Director Lynn Bailey.

After breaking down 169 of last week’s rejected ballots, staff found some they recommended for qualification.

“We did have a couple of instances where some of the data we received from the department of driver services was conflicting but we were able to determine that the voter’s intent was, in fact, to register to vote," Bailey explained.

In fact, staff members found 5 such cases - which include a ballot with a name discrepancy and two ballots from people with reduced felony status. The board voted to approve all of those votes. That info was sent to the secretary of state’s office Friday.

“The state will be busy, possibly tonight, I’m not exactly sure but in the very near future consolidating all of those returns from the various counties to come up with a state certification of the number of votes that were cast," Bailey said.

The Board of Elections is now gearing up for December 4th’s runoff - The secretary of state’s race is one race headed for a runoff. The group is working to provide as much time as they can for absentee ballots and advanced voting.

Bailey said, “We’re not quite sure exactly when either of those will begin, there are a lot of variables in play right now. Primarily we’re waiting to get our data base that would contain the ballots for Richmond County that will come to us from the state, we hope, next Tuesday.”

The Richmond County Board of Elections director said they will not be able to get that data base from the Secretary of State’s Office until the results have been certified - making things official.

Advanced voting is expected to take place Tuesday, November 27.

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