Richmond County Board of Elections certify midterm election results

Board of Elections accepts and counts 107/276 provisional ballots

Richmond County Board of Elections certify midterm election results

AUGUSTA, GA. (WFXG) - More than 122,000 people are registered to vote in Richmond County - of those, more than 70,000 voted Tuesday, November 6th in midterm elections. Members of the the Richmond County Board of Elections took a deep dive into hundreds of provisional ballots - on a case by case basis.

“Every single vote is so important,” said Richmond County Board of Elections Executive Director Lynn Bailey.

The Board of Elections worked overtime to process every provisional ballot.

“I had a team of four or five people that worked on that constantly all day Wednesday for 10 hours, Thursday and all day today. So it’s not a process that comes easy," Bailey said.

Board members reviewed 276 provisional ballots. They discussed each item listed on a provisional ballot report that grouped voters with the information pertaining to why the vote was potentially ineligible, along with a recommendation of whether to count or reject the ballot. Two hours later, the board accepted and counted 107 of those ballots.

For example: one voter didn’t have proper ID on election day - but later provided a copy. That vote was accepted.

Nineteen voters thought they registered in time, but there was no application on record. Those votes were rejected.

Bailey said if this happened to you, this is the time to get things squared away for the next election.

"Any voter whose provisional ballot has been rejected is going to be sent a notice from us and in that notice will be an application to register to vote."

Board of Elections Executive Director Lynn Bailey told FOX 54 until the State certifies, the only certain runoff is School Board District 3. The Secretary of State and Public Service Commission seem highly likely, unless something changes between now and Wednesday since neither race has a candidate with the 50 percent threshold required to win.

The runoff is set for December 4th. CLICK HERE to view Richmond County’s official election results.

Columbia County Board of Elections certified election results at 5 p.m. Friday. Aiken County Board of Elections Commission certified election results Friday morning.

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