H54K: Augusta 10-year-old creates paintings that are “bigger” than herself

H54K: Augusta 10-year-old creates paintings that are “bigger” than herself

RICHMOND COUNTY (WFXG) - Every week FOX 54 celebrate the young treasures and talent of the CSRA – the children in our community. 10-year-old Morgan Thomas aims to be the next big name in the art world, and she’s this week’s “High 5 4 Kids” honoree.

Armed with a vision, Morgan is ready to take on a canvas that’s larger than she is.

“I like art because it’s really soothing to me,” she said. “ I can express my imagination on pencil and paper.”

“Morgan’s been drawing, painting, just doing art since she was a little tot, you know two feet high and she painted, drew everything,” her mother, Fifi Rogers, said. “She crafted her own toys."

So where does her inspiration come from?

“My imagination,” Morgan said. “I see things in the world and then I add a little bit of me to it, and then just make it something on my own.”

You can see it in a pair of giant wings that she painted – an interactive art piece representing the sky, space, earth and nature.

“These wings represent my creativity and how it makes me fly,” she said.

“I don’t know what goes on in her brain, but she can push out,” her visual arts instructor at the Jessye Norman School of the Arts said, Stephanie Willingham. “She can sit there and draw something within like 5 minutes. So to me, I think the process that’s going on in her head is just, like just constantly get everything out, out, out.”

“For me, it’s like I have so many of these ideas, I get a little dizzy sometime just thinking about all the possibilities,” Morgan said, and well I guess it really doesn’t take long to make the artwork.”

“She will be one amazing artist - as long as she slows down, goes back to her work that she’s already done and just freshen it up - she will be amazing,” Willingham said.

“I want to keep doing art so I can get better and better,” Morgan said, “and so I can find out new ways to show my art. I can figure out more techniques, and make it a little bit better than it was. After all, Jessye Norman says I represent something bigger than myself.”

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