Augusta Tech Community & City Leaders mourn the passing of District 5 Commissioner Andrew Jefferson

Augusta Tech Community & City Leaders mourn the passing of District 5 Commissioner Andrew Jefferson

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Today District 5 and The Augusta – Richmond County Community is mourning the loss of another Commissioner.

58-year-old Andrew Jefferson passed away on Sunday afternoon of a heart attack. Andrew Jefferson is a Father, Husband, City & Community Leader. Those are just some of the titles he earned and lived.

“It’s always tragic when you lose a loved one but Andrew stood out there as a beacon for so many different people and so many different ways,” says Terry Elam, President of Augusta Tech.

At Augusta Tech, the District 5 Commissioner made his impact on many students and faculty including the current President. He worked his way up from a student to professor.

“A graduate, an employee, a manager, a retiree. All of those things you would want in life, he was all of it,” says Elam.

Jefferson's unexpected passing marks the second death of an Augusta – Richmond County Commissioner. District 10 Commissioner Grady Smith passed away just three weeks ago.

“They fought a good fight. They did what they thought was right,” says Commissioner Marion Williams.

Commissioner Williams describes Jefferson as a person who didn’t speak much but everyone listened when he did. Especially on issues near and dear to his heart like the idea of turning Lake Olmstead into an Amphitheater.

“Everybody isn’t going to love you and if everybody like you, something’s wrong. But he was his own man & I appreciate that. I’m going to miss his personality, I’m going to miss his humor,” he says.

Moving Forward, President Elam believes when the amphitheater is completed, it’s only right that it should honor the Commissioner who worked tirelessly to see it become a reality.

“I don’t have to tell the Commission what they should do to make sure he’s honored for his legacy and hard work there,” says Elam.

There’s been no word yet on when a special election will be held to fill this open seat. There hasn’t been any indication if a grief counselor will be brought in since this is the 2nd passing of a commissioners in just several weeks

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