Drew Cato’s family isn’t surprised by arrest of Blaeke Wolfe’s mother

Virginia Reynolds is charged in connection Andrew Cato’s murder

Drew Cato’s family isn’t surprised by arrest of Blaeke Wolfe’s mother
Richmond County Sheriff's Office (Source: Richmond County Sheriff's Office)

AUGUSTA, GA. (WFXG) - The Cato family is an extended one - that touches thousands of people in the CSRA. Their mission: bringing justice for 29-year-old Andrew “Drew” Cato, who was murdered back in May.

News of a third arrest hit them hard - but it wasn’t a surprise. 42-year-old Virginia Wolfe Reynolds - charged with concealing death.

“We knew that she was involved. So, her being arrested was just a matter of time for us," said Drew’s mother, Ravonna Cibak.

Reynolds is the mother of Blaeke Wolfe and the grandmother of the young child Blaeke shares with Drew.

Richmond County Sheriff's Department's investigation revealed Reynolds knew about the murder and where Drew's body was before investigators did.

Investigators believe Blaeke planned the crime for weeks because he was trying to gain custody of his son.

His mother said, “All he wanted to ever do was take care of that little boy and because that little boy was not being taken care of was what upped everything.”

Investigators say Drew was shot, his body placed in a toolbox - and his body dumped in McCormick County.

Investigators believe Reynolds knew all this - but didn't reveal it before his remains were discovered.

Drew’s family believes Reynolds - and everyone who is involved - is a risk to the community.

“We don’t want that risk to happen to another family. This family has suffered enough - our fight is to make sure that this doesn’t happen to somebody else - from these individuals," said Andrew Cato, Drew’s father.

Drew’s family doesn’t feel the charge is strong enough - but say it’s one small victory.

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