Multiple students, teachers receive minor injuries after fight at Southwest Middle School in Savannah

Multiple students, teachers receive minor injuries after fight at Southwest Middle School in Savannah
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SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Multiple teachers and students received injuries at Southwest Middle School in Savannah Friday morning after a fight broke out between three female students.

The injuries were described as minor. Most victims received injuries during attempts to restore order and break up the fight between the three students.

“The school was doing a school event outside, so there was a group of students outside,” said Kurt Hetager with Chatham County Schools. “The initial report is that there was a large group, a fray, but it was actually an altercation between three females. There were a number of kids outside because of the event they were doing. As you know with students that are young, if you have an altercation, they typically want to get close and rubberneck and see what’s going on. You had what looked like a large crowd involved in a fight, but it was not. It was only three kids. Subsequently trying to get control of it and work through the crowd, teachers did sustain some very minor injures. Same with a few students."

Three teachers received injuries while attempting to break up the crowd and fight. Campus Police and EMS examined some students who also may have received minor injuries.

Chief Chuck Kearns with Chatham County Emergency Services said four ambulances responded to the scene. EMS transported two teachers to the hospital and examined 12 students with minor injuries. None of the students had to be transported to the hospital.

School administration will handle the incident, according to the Savannah-Chatham Public School System.

“This isn’t an incident where we’ve had multiple issues with a number of students," said Sheila Blanco with SCCPSS. " This was three students and one altercation. So they will be dealt with based on the guidelines in our student code of conduct and beyond that, I’m sure, I would assume students will be spoken to by teachers and administrators about what happened.”​

Car after car pulled into Southwest Middle School after parents received a call from the school saying there was an altercation and students and teachers had minor injuries.

One mother says she left work immediately and was worried about her child. Her daughter was one of the kids injured when the children started running. She says she didn’t know what to expect when she got to the school but officers did have it under control. She says she got really nervous when she saw a stretcher go into the school because she hadn’t heard from her daughter and didn’t get a lot of information from the school when they called with an automated message.

“I just wish that they would tell us more in the recording because it wasn’t very detailed and it just kind of played it off like it wasn’t a big thing" said parent Amber Banks.

These parents say an altercation like this was in fact a big deal and that they should have been told more in the phone call.

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