Richmond County Commission remembers Grady Smith

Richmond County Commission remembers Grady Smith

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The Augusta-Richmond County Committee Meeting started off with a special tribute remembering one of its own.

In the audience was District 10 Commissioner Grady Smith’s family, who was given a special plaque by the entire Commission honoring Commissioner Smith. Commissioner Smith passed away 2 weeks ago and on Tuesday, each Commissioner reflected on him as a person. Each story they shared brought laughs or tears to each city leader.

Commissioner Marion Williams had a special message for the family members. “Every day you’re going to appreciate the little things he tried to show you and tell you and you;ll understand it better everyday. Pick out those things that you love and that’s good and use those things like how he did to help somebody else along the way.”

Where Commissioner Smith sat, there’s a growing tribute of special items from city officials that represents who he was as a person. Commissioner Williams gave a James Brown CD, which was one of Smith’s favorite artist.

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