H54K: Columbia County 9-year-old becomes a published author

H54K: Columbia County 9-year-old becomes a published author

GROVETOWN, GA (WFXG) - FOX 54 celebrates CSRA children who are giving it their all. This week we’re cheering on Kennedy Allen – an elementary school student who has just written her first children’s book.

Kennedy has just become a published author at 9 years old. Her book, “Kenny-Mini And The Not So Good Summer Break” now selling on Amazon. She said the book’s title character is very much like the author.

“I’m powerful like her,” she said. “I’m very smart like her, and I’m very special like her.”

While Kennedy did have a little help from her mother, her mom also said the 4th grader has been writing since she was 5 years-old.

“It made me so proud because I am an author, and so to see your child wanting to do the same thing that you’re doing, it just made me feel so proud,” Porsha Waters said, Kennedy’s mother.

The book centers around a young girl grappling with her parent’s divorce – and working through the frustrations that come with it. It’s a subject Kennedy experienced first-hand.

“At the end of the books she realizes that she was very special,” Kennedy said of the book’s main character, “and that her parents love her so much, even her stepmom; and she learned that she can have all the people around her as her family.”

“I had step parents as well, and I grew up very confused and frustrated,” Waters said, “and so we wanted to make a book that will encourage little kids to understand that, growing-up, it’s not your fault.”

As the book aims to give other children a character they can relate too, Kennedy has found the writing process to be therapeutic - passing this message along to her readers: “that they’re very special. They can do anything, and their parents love them no matter what.”

“One thing that I would like to tell Kennedy, and every child out there, is that you’re never too young to start,” Waters said. “Imagine how amazing and how great you would be, if you start right now. “

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