Family & Community remember the life of 12-year-old Melquan Robinson Jr

Family & Community remember the life of 12-year-old Melquan Robinson Jr

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The family and friends of Melquan Robinson Jr. are saying their goodbyes. The 12-year old from Richmond county was electrocuted while playing football last week.

Many who knew Mequan Robinson Jr tell us he was one of a kind. A special talent on and off the field and in the classroom

“Often times we hear about the impact teachers have on the lives of children. What many fail to realize is the impact children had on the lives of teachers,” says one teacher.

Faith. Family & Football. The 3 things family and friends tell us that was on this 12-year-old’s mind all the time.

“He was just a bundle of joy. Somebody who you always knew who he was around, you always knew when he was on the field. He’s truly going to be missed,” says Kevin Davenport, who is one of Melquan’s coaches.

Robinson’s life was unfortunately cut short last week while practicing at Fleming Park with his team, the trinity titans. According to reports, the ball went over the fence and while getting it, he was then electrocuted. An outcome no one expected.

In remembrance of Melquan, His coaches gifted his family with something that they’ll appreciate for years down the road. A framed jersey. For the all-around special child who touched everyone he encountered everywhere including on the field.

Two other boys were injured trying to save Melquan. Both the boys are out of the hospital.

Exactly how the fence became charged is still under investigation by the city and Richmond county Sheriff’s office. According to the Richmond county coroner’s office - a live wire was touching the fence as Robinson ran into it.

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