Former NFL player organizes free athletic training for Fleming Park electrocution survivors

Former NFL player organizes free athletic training for Fleming Park electrocution survivors
Raymond Webber - owner, More than a Game (Source: Anderson, Jasmine)

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Since the terrible tragedy of Melquan Robinson, Jr.'s death, an outpouring of support from the community has been front and center. Now, a local business owner and former NFL player is getting the ball rolling to helping his team grieve.

These young men are heroes to me.
Raymond Webber - owner, More than a Game

When Raymond Webber first heard the news about Melquan’s tragic death, he said he was devestated. The former NFL player said he had to do something and sprung into action days after, organizing grief counseling for the 12-year old’s team, the Titans. “It was great to be able to bring those youth pastors and those grief counselors who all were just trying to figure out how they could help anyway.”

The team environment is something that Webber can relate to in all of his years of playing as an athlete. The field was always a safe haven, a place where these kids form an everlasting bond on that first of night of practice after that fateful day, when number 23 wasn’t there.

Neither were Traqwon Berry, the brother of one of the team mates, nor David Sette. They were in a local hospital recovering from the injuries they received while trying to save their friend. For Webber, he knew he had to do more. Now, he’s is offering athletic training to both Berry and Sette, the survivors to help them realize their dreams can continue.

in a social media post, David’s mom says she’s grateful for the offer.

I REALLY can’t even say just how happy I am for these boys. This is sooooo amazing! They deserve this, they deserve...

Posted by Brandi Beasley-Sette on Thursday, October 18, 2018

“We see, nowadays in society when something happens, people usually pull out their phones or are just bystanders. Nobody jumps in and acts.” Webber is making it his mission to help out these families. He’s also organizing a fundraiser in December at the Battle of the CSRA. All proceeds are expected to go to the families of all three boys involved in this horrific incident.

David Sette’s GoFundMe:

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