Weather on the Road: Hephzibah

Weather on the Road: Hephzibah
Weather on the Road from Hephzibah Monday, October 8, 2018 (Source: WFXG, Pierce Legeion)

HEPHZIBAH, GA (WFXG) - First Alert meteorologist Pierce Legeion was out on the road Monday morning from Diamond Lakes Park in Hephzibah.

Hephzibah is a town of about 4000 people with a rich history. The town was originally named Brothersville, in honor of three brothers who settled near one another. A Baptist seminary was established in Hephzibah in 1860, leading to the start of the Hephzibah Baptist Church in 1862. The prominence of these religious institutions swayed the state of Georgia to rename the town Hephzibah in 1870. Hephzibah means “my delight is in her” in Hebrew.

MONDAY FORECAST: Partly cloudy skies with a better chance for scattered storms than over the weekend. HIGH: near 90.

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