HIgh 5 4 Kids: Augusta 16-year-old finds herself in dance

HIgh 5 4 Kids: Augusta 16-year-old finds herself in dance

RICHMOND COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - Acting, singing, dancing. 16-year-old Aaliyah Ware of Augusta is in love with the arts, and those around her know it. Talent is why her teacher at the Jessye Norman School of the Arts nominated her to be feature on FOX 54’s High Five Kids.

When Aaliyah dances, she says it’s like all the noise fades away. “I tend to hide my sadness. So basically when I come here, I’m letting it go; and it’s like I’m putting all my emotions through every single move, every single 8 count, every single step. So basically when I dance, I feel like I’m floating.”

“She not only dances, but she’s a great singer,” her dance instructor, Ashley Gunter says. “And I think she just has a very eclectic sense of artistry. I feel like she can do . . she can do it all, and I know that if she continues throughout the arts and school, that she can master it.”

Aaliyah says her teacher is helping her do that, despite getting a late start at the school, joining in only 2 years ago. “I don’t feel discouraged. Like she always makes us do things over things aren’t right, but she always has a great attitude.”

“One thing I tell them: I do not like the word can’t, cannot, unable,” Gunter says. “That is not in my vocabulary in this classroom.”

As Aaliyah looks to the future, dreams of dance stay on her mind. “Hopefully I’ll become famous. Everybody knows me. Like ‘is that Aaliyah? I went to school with her;’ or like ‘oh is that Ali? I was friends with her.’ ‘Oh my gosh is that Ali up there? She singing this? Ok I see her.’”

Her teacher is rooting for her. "Don’t be ashamed to be who you are. Just stay focused, stay determined, push forward, and just don’t hold back.”

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