Growing concerns in the CSRA as STD cases are rising

Growing concerns in the CSRA as STD cases are rising
The CDC releases reports showing that STD’s are on the rise across the United States.

AUGUSTA (WFXG) - The CDC released reports showing that sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise across the United States. In Richmond County there was a big increase in STD’s from 2016 to 2017, most cases being chlamydia and gonorrhea.

Health experts at the Georgia Health Department say these numbers have been increasing in the state for around 10 years and they expect it to continue to increase. They say we could be seeing an increase in STD’s because of better screening.

There are also other reasons STD’s are on the rise which include trusting people from those social dating apps like Tinder, according to Frank Grier, Communal Disease Specialist at the Georgia Health Department.

“We’re seeing an increase in individuals that aren’t wearing condoms anymore because they don’t see the need to. Because they aren’t using protection, because they don’t care about things like gonorrhea because they don’t realize that they are bacteria resistant infections that they have to be faced with that they’re no longer using protection to have sex anymore and then those apps in addition to all of that, that just dumps on to everything else.”

Medical leaders say because people are having unprotected sex, some of these diseases are becoming resistant to the antibiotics.

“People are feeling more comfortable with having sex because HIV to some people has no longer been an issue because their HIV meds are so successful, but because they don’t realize that we have these resistant strands of gonorrhea different things of that nature that we’ve seen documentation for in our area we’re seeing that gonorrhea can’t be treated with normal medication or the medication we used in the past isn’t working is a major concern,” Grier said.

There are also some concerning symptoms that can come along with contracting one of these STD’s including, infertility, neuropathy and arthritis. Some things you can do to prevent STD’s are wearing condoms, abstinence, vaccinations, reducing the number of sex partners, and mutual monogamy.

If you’d like more information on this research it can be found on the CDC website.

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