High 5 4 Kids: Robert Morris

High 5 4 Kids: Robert Morris

AIKEN, SC (WFXG) - Robert Morris never has a dull moment. He is involved in nearly every activity and is excelling academically.

“Right Now, I’m in Civil Engineering Class, AP Physics, AP Calculus, and US Government and Econ Class. I volunteer with the Aiken County NAACP Youth Council, National Society of Black Engineers, BETA Club, The Interact Club, The National Honor Society, The student volunteer Club,” Robert listed.

And for this Aiken High School Senior, it’s by design. “We do this together as a family,” explained Robert’s mother Elizabeth Morris.

He’s never satisfied with being average. “I always believe I can do something better; whether it’s a grade or whether it’s at a track meet. Or if it’s just trying to help as many people as I can”, Robert explained. But, Robert is always evolving; working towards his best life. “As I got older and realized the importance of the things I was doing such as: the NAACP or Interact Club or the BETA Club and the things they were doing in their mission. I just really got involved.”

And being involved means making sure service is a top priority. “I feel it’s important to give back to the community that raised you and made me the person I am,” Robert explained.

And for his mother, that person is an absolute blessing. “I’m grateful that, for whatever reason, God has gifted my husband and I with a young man who I feel is truly going to make some impact in the world.”

When it comes to his academic success, Robert is a young man with a passion for crunching numbers. “Math has a set set of principles and I guess there’s only one right answer.” Robert ultimately wants to merge his love of math and service to create energy solutions for under-served communities. “I want to start a business where I am creating different forms of renewable energy such as solar, wind, even hydroelectricity. To produce electricity for countries who don’t have access to electricity.”

But, before that, he has to decide on what’s next. And he’s ready to leave the East Coast for a new life on the West Coast. “I want to go to the University of California in Los Angeles,” said Robert.

But his mother is just fine with him staying local. “Ultimately, we will support it. However, we feel there are some great schools in South Carolina that can fulfill his every dream. And then of course, his post-secondary studies, possibly his Master’s or PHD. California would be a lovely place for him to be.”

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