Notable residents

In the late 1800s and the first part of the 1900s, Aiken served as a winter playground for many of the country's wealthiest families such the Vanderbilts, Bostwicks, and the Whitneys.

  • George H. Bostwick (1909-1982) court tennis player, a steeplechase jockey and horse trainer, and an eight-goal polo player.
  • Dwight Filley Davis, 1879 - 1945, an American tennis player and politician who is best remembered as the founder of the Davis Cup international tennis competition, had a summer home in Aiken.
  • Robert C. De Large, (1842-1874), born in Aiken, United States Congressman from South Carolina in a contested election[7]
  • Thomas Hitchcock and his wife Louise spent a great deal of time at their 3,000-acre (12 km2) estate near Aiken where in 1892 he founded the Palmetto Golf Club. [2]. In 1916, Louise Hitchcock founded the Aiken Preparatory School. The Hitchcocks built a steeplechase training center on their property and trained weanlings imported from England. In 1930, Thomas Hitchcock was one of the founders of the Aiken Steeplechase Association. [3] Fond of fox hunting, they also established the Aiken Hounds and in 1916 received official recognition from the Masters of Foxhounds Association of North America. [4].
  • Tommy Hitchcock, Jr. (1900-1944), son of Thomas and Louise Hitchcock, was born in Aiken. He is considered one of the greatest polo players of all-time. A veteran of the Lafayette Escadrille in World War I, he was killed in the service of his country in World War II.
  • Rufus Holley (1952- ), trailer park designer.
  • Dr. Eugene Odum In 1951 he founded the SREL lab in Aiken South Carolina to study the long-term ecological impacts of the Savannah River Site nuclear facility.
  • Stickman, The (????-????), well-known local figure, slight paranoid tendencies, present status unknown.
  • Strom Thurmond, (1902-2003), former US Senator who owned several residences in Aiken.
  • William Refrigerator Perry, former NFL defensive lineman and 3-time NCAA All-American (1982-1984).
  • Michael Dean Perry, former NFL defensive lineman, 6-time pro bowler (89-91, 93-94, 96), NCAA first-team All-American (1987).
  • Birthplace of Marly Youmans, novelist and poet.
  • Paul Williams, current WBO Welterweight Champion.
  • Paul Wight, professional wrestler
  • Troy Williamson, professional football player.
  • John Shipman, noted artist