Grovetown Elementary School

Grovetown Elementary School is located in the heart of Grovetown, Georgia. Grovetown is a small town with a long and rich history itself. In 1833, the Georgia railroad started from Augusta, continued through Columbia County, and headed toward Atlanta. Several Depots were built along the way and small towns were built around these depots. Grovetown was one such town (Columbia County: Then and Now).

The history of education in Grovetown began around the 1870's. Charles Lord reported in an article in The Augusta Chronicle (1999) that the beginning place of learning in Grovetown was a small building known as the Hatton Schoolhouse. It was named after a founding settler Dr. Joseph Hatton. Around the turn of the century, there were two other schools, Hall's School and Jordan's Academy. Ben Jordan, a native of Richmond County, was an instrumental school official at that time. Black students attended schools that included Jerusalem, Steiner Grove, Walter Branch, and Central.

Around 1912, a wooden, two-story schoolhouse was built next to Grove Baptist Church. The school had no indoor plumbing. The children brought water in buckets into the school from a nearby well (Lord, 1999, 3C).

[Photo courtesy of the Grovetown Museum]