Key Ingredients: America by Food

will be exhibited at the McDuffie Museum 1/10/2009 - 2/22/2009

Smithsonian Institution's Key Ingredients: America by Food will be traveling to 150 rural communities across the US through 2008 exploring the two ingredients that are key to American cuisine - regional traditions and international influences.  Curated by Charles Camp, Key Ingredients: America by Food explores the connections between Americans and the foods they produce, prepare, preserve, and present at the table - a provocative and thoughtful look at the historical, regional, and social traditions that merge in everyday meals and celebrations.

Through a selection of artifacts, photographs, and illustrations, Key Ingredients examines the evolution of the American kitchen and how food industries have responded to the technological innovations that have enabled Americans to choose an ever-wider variety of frozen, prepared, and fresh foods. Key Ingredients also looks beyond the home to restaurants, diners, and celebrations that help build a sense of community through food.

Thomson will be planning events, programs, and local exhibitions to link their own collections and local food specialties to the national story told in the exhibition.

August 5            Healthy snacks:  A Key Ingredient for School Success

Was held at the McDuffie Library

5-25                 Morris Museum Exhibit:  Pleasant Journeys and Good Eats along the Way:  The Paintings of John Baeder

Will be held at the McDuffie Library - free

September        "Biscuits, Cornbread and Teacakes:  Baking Traditions in the West Georgia Piedmont"

Exhibit sponsored by the Center for Public History

State University of West Georgia at the New Dearing Gym (date to be announced)

23                     My Apron Workshop- story time and apron making with stories from the kitchen and the creation of a take home apron

Will be held at the Thomson McDuffie Library