What is the Children's Area?

What is the Children's Area?

The Greater Augusta Arts Council is proud to provide a free, interactive area of arts & crafts for children attending the Arts in the Heart of Augusta Festival. We encourage you to be creative with the crafts & remind you to consider the materials necessary to complete the entire weekend. You will receive an estimated 3,000+ children during the festival!

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) of the Festival

  • 1. All information, including a festival map, relating to Arts in the Heart of Augusta will be available soon at www.artsintheheart.com.
  • 2. Each group should plan on staffing their booth during ALL festival hours. If your organization needs additional volunteers, please contact us with an estimated number.
  • 3. While your craft/activity should have a theme related to the "Country of Origin", you do not provide any information about your "country". This is simply a name for the youngsters to check-off on their passports, as they make their way around the Children's Area.
  • 4. The Greater Augusta Arts Council does not pay for craft/activity materials - each group is responsible for proving all supplies necessary for their activity. NOTE: Groups are allowed to solicit sponsorships to help pay for the cost of supplies.
  • 5. Organizational Banners are required for each tent. If you do not have a banner, please contact Melissa Sherwood at 706-826-4702 ext. 3. Please hang each banner at the back of your tent - this is to prevent banners being hung from the front of the tent, blocking the view of what's inside the tent. We will have extra zip-ties if needed.
  • 6. Under each 10X10 tent there will be two 8 ft. long rectangle tables, 5 chairs and each table will have a white plastic bonnet to protect it from the children's crafts. There will be no skirts for the tables. If you will need additional chairs, please contact Melissa Sherwood at 706-826-4702 ext. 3.
  • 7. If you need electricity, you will need to bring your own extension cords. Lights will be provided.
  • 8. The Children's Area is a brick patio area.
  • 9. This festival is rain or shine - please plan accordingly.
  • 10. You are allowed (and encouraged!) to hand out information about your group and talk with parents about activities available for their children within your organization (if applicable).

It is because of the incredible generosity of area companies and organizations that the Children's Area provides such wonderful experiences for our young visitors.

Thank you!