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Recognizing the "Stars of Black History"

Join FOX-54, Michael's School of Beauty and Starr Bedding in saluting Tyra's "Stars of Black History" and their amazing accomplishments!

Chaz Kyser -At 21, she was the youngest African-American managing editor of a black-owned weekly newspaper.  Today she is mentoring a new generation through her book, Embracing the Real World: The Black Woman's Guide to Life After College.

Annie Ruth -Nationally acclaimed artist, poet, and author Annie Ruth has made a career out of empowering women and children through art.  Her community service and artistic achievement have earned her a commendation from the Ohio senate.

Asha Tyson -Homeless at 17, a success at 26.  That is the true life story of Asha Tyson.  She talked her way into college, earning a Masters degree and becoming a financial director.  Now she has a new career motivating others to follow in her path.

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