McCormick County takes in thousands of evacuees

McCormick County takes in thousands of evacuees

LAKE THURMOND (WFXG) - McCormick County is holding thousands of evacuees in their campgrounds from the coast. Some of those evacuees are on J. Strom Thurmond Lake and Dam campgrounds. 

The US Army Corps of Engineers say they operate around 350 campsites on the lake and almost a third of them are full. These campgrounds are pet-friendly, so all the evacuees are welcome. 

Scott Hyatt, Operations Project Manager for the J. Strom Thurmond Dam and Lake, says they are making changes for all evacuees.  "We try to do something to accommodate these folks, we have a minimum stay length  and a two-day advance reservation window which we have waived for folks, so I think it's gotten in effect online now so people can make reservations while they're coming up."

If you'd like to make a reservation you can do so through this link.  You can also find a list of free "dry camping" sites in Georgia at this link. 

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