Columbia County works to prevent possible flash-flooding from Hurricane Florence

Columbia County works to prevent possible flash-flooding from Hurricane Florence

COLUMBIA COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - Engineers that work for Columbia County will monitor the Hurricane Florence and road conditions all weekend - and they need your help to make sure your property does not clog storm drains.

"If we get enough water, enough rain, and a high enough intensity in a short period of time, almost anything could happen," said Columbia County Engineering Director Steve Cassell.

Heavy rainfall continues to be the most significant threat from Hurricane Florence. Cassell said the county is ready for the rain.

Cassell said,"Right now we're making sure we have all our equipment, all our radios are working. We also got staff that are going out and looking at various culverts to make sure we don't have any capacity issues right now that we can address."

His department wants to make sure the drainage ways, especially along the major corridors, are flowing at their max capacity. A blocked culvert can cause significant issues - like flooding - and can have a domino effect on the surrounding infrastructure in the county.

"Most of our storm systems are designed for 25-year storms and the bridges are a little bit higher - a 100-year storm flood plane. We try to keep it as best we can we got emergency personnel that will be out monitoring any low points and the bridges to make sure that we know when to close them," Cassell said.

Any culvert has it's restriction. Cassell said if something does flood or get overwhelmed, his crews will be there to close the road.

He said he expects creeks to rise. So, if you live near one, keep branches and other debris away to keep culverts clear. The county's EMA is asking residents to remove any property, such as chairs, outdoor furniture, etc., 25 to 50 feet away from creeks.

Also, the public is urged to dispose of debris in the usual manner. Residents are asked not to bring debris to the road for the county to pick up.

The county will update the public on debris disposal if anything changes, according to a Facebook post. CLICK HERE to connect with the flood maps on the county's website.

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