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Army Corps of Engineers prepare J. Strom Thurmond Dam and Lake for impacts of hurricane Florence


The J. Strom Thurmond Dam Lake along with the Richard B. Russell and Hartwell Dam and Lake were built on the Savannah River to protect people during heavy rain storms. With a primary mission to control flooding, those at the Army Corp of Engineers say they’re ready for the rain.  

Billy Birdwell, Senior Spokesman for Savannah District Army Corps of Engineers, says they have been working on a routine repair to the Thurmond Dam that they do every few years to make sure everything is running the way it’s supposed to. But, due to the amount of rain hurricane Florence can bring, they are stopping the repair to use the dam to hold more water.

"The full repairs on the Thurmond Dam will still take a few more months before they are complete but at this time we should be able to suspend that repair time or that repair work in order for us to use the extra space we have there at Thurmond for water storage," Birdwell said. 

Birdwell says it is very rare that they have to release the water and before they decide to do that, they will increase the generation to send the water through the dam, to have more control over it. "What we normally do is increase generation, send the water through the dam, that gives us more control over it, it also allows us to generate extra power without wasting the energy that’s potentially there in the water."

While it doesn't look like they will have to release the water, if that changes they will send out updates. 

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