Red Cross prepared to open shelters in GA for Hurricane Florence

Red Cross prepared to open shelters in GA for Hurricane Florence

CSRA (WFXG) - The emergency declaration Georgia Governor Nathan Deal ordered mainly focuses on the expected interruption in supplies and gasoline.
Here locally, the Red Cross is preparing too by gathering needed supplies.

With Hurricane Florence expected the hit land within the next 48 hours, the latest shift says Georgia may be in its path.

"Plan for the worst, hope for the best. We're preparing as if we're going to get hit," says City Administrator, John Waller.

Waller & the rest of the Grovetown staff says they have been making preparations for days in case something happens. "We've talked to all the right people. We've got the wheels in motion & based on what we experienced last year we're in a much better position to be prepared," he says.

Waller tells FOX 54 that Hurricane Irma from last year was a learning experience to prepare early.

"We've gotten generators & some equipment & we learned to preposition some assets if we need them," he explains.

"We in Georgia are prepared to open shelter if they're needed. There are not any open in the state of Georgia right now but if the need happens we will be ready to open them," says Susan Everitt, Executive Director for the American Red Cross.

The Red Cross like many other organizations have been paying close attention on how to move forward if Florence continues to shift to our area. If not, the already prepared resources & volunteers will be sent to the other parts of the Carolinas - where the impact is expected to be much more worse

"We'll send supplies to them, we'll send volunteers to them so we'll shift everything to them but we're making sure we're here to take care of Georgia," says Everitt.

Red Cross says it will continue to monitor the conditions, and if it warrants it then the shelters will open. Currently it's just a waiting game to see the Path Florence takes.

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