Lawmakers discuss State Opioid Task Force at Augusta University

State Opioid Taskforce Meeting

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The Opioid Epidemic was front and center at Augusta University today. The State Opioid Task Force held it's third meeting; discussing ways to address the crisis.

"It's a crisis that cannot, must not, and should not fall on any one group or individual shoulders it's too big," says Georgia Attorney General, Chris Carr.

Since last October, Carr along with other lawmakers, medical professionals, and others have created the Georgia Opioid Task Force.

"It's not just nationwide in scope, it's hitting the state of Georgia. In fact, four Georgian's are dying every day unfortunately as a result of opioid overdoses," Carr explains.

And it's hitting our area quite as hard. GBI Spokesperson Nelly Miles says last year, Richmond County was one of the top five counties in the state where opioid uses were seen the most.

"Historically what you see is methamphetamine will kill you slowly and opioids will kill you quickly," she says.

The GBI is just one of the partners along with law enforcement and EMTs, to name a few, that will be apart of this task force, witnessing first hand the different type of overdoses.

"Some drugs are prescribed to people and they're unfortunately misusing it and abusing it...but we also see pills that are counterfeit," says Miles.

The goal of this task force is brainstorming solutions to address this growing epidemic and continuing the find ways to spread the message that there is help.

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