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High-heeled Crocs are something you can buy - really - and some are sold out

(RNN) – High-heeled Crocs are now something that exists - and some styles are already sold out.

But a quick perusal of the rubber shoe’s website shows that Crocs with heels have been around for some time.

The high-heeled shoe has a chunky heel to go with the chunky design of Crocs without the holes in the toe found in the usual versions. Crocs are available in wedges, boots, strappy shoes and sandals.

People either love Crocs – like nurses and chefs who are on their feet all day – or hate them, like fashionistas who think Crocs are so ugly they look like doll shoe rejects.

But most of what social media went on about is sold out on the website.

However, you can turn to Amazon for the Croc’s Women’s Cyprus IV Leopard Heel for anywhere between $28.90 and $44.99 or the Women’s Cyprus V Heel for (gulp!) $223.93 in either black or pink.

But if that’s too pricey, head back to the Croc’s website for boots and other wedge-heeled shoes, such as the Leigh Suede Wedge Shootie available for $79.99 and the Leigh’s II Cross-Strap Ankle Wedge for $54.99.

The Colorado-based company boasts on its website they’ve sold more than 300 million pairs of shoes in 90 countries.

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