1st Public Forum held for improvements of Richmond Co. Centers & Parks

1st Public Forum held for improvements of Richmond Co. Centers & Parks

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Thursday kicks off a series of open forum meetings to improve Augusta – Richmond County Community Centers & Parks. 
These improvements are already covered by SPLOST 7. Voters passed that back in 2015. Now, the Parks & Rec. Department is asking the public what they would like to see.

The main portion of those funds will be directed to the football field, basketball courts, and walking trails.

Throughout this process, they want to upgrade these parks by making it ADA accessible and safe for everyone.

Today, people expressed ideas about having lights around the bathroom, even artwork throughout the entire center from local artists. After that, everything is fair game and they want to hear from you because you all will be using the park.

FOX 54 spoke with the Parks & Rec Director and here's what he heard that can be a possibility: "We even talked tonight a little bit about something we haven't talked much about, but the idea of doing concerts out here. We're purchasing a mobile stage soon and we can roll it out here and we can do concerts on the football field," says Glenn Parker, Director of Parks & Recreation.

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For Jamestown, Officials say they plan on having a final design by the end of summer/ early fall and have all the renovations completed by next summer.

Here is the list for the next several parks to be improved: Fleming, Bernie Ward, Lake Olmstead, and Dyess Park.

Once we get closer to those dates for those public meetings, we'll be sure to pass the information along.

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