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GRAPHIC Video: Train drags man several feet

A man escaped with his life after a light rail train dragged him about 35 feet. (Source: RTD/KMGH/CNN) A man escaped with his life after a light rail train dragged him about 35 feet. (Source: RTD/KMGH/CNN)

DENVER (KMGH/CNN) - A man miraculously survived after being dragged under a light rail train even after the train slammed him into a wheelchair ramp, and he wants Regional Transportation District to help him pay his medical bills.

The video from March 2017, obtained through through the Colorado Open Records Act is difficult to watch. 

Sam Hynes, 62, ended up being taken for a terrifying ride under then alongside a Regional Transportation District light rail train.

The ordeal started at the Auraria Station as he tried to get himself and his bike off the train, and he had a lot of trouble

"He had a little difficulty because it's cumbersome as you come down the stairs holding the bike," said David Krivit, Hynes' attorney.

When the train started moving, things get really bad. He lost his balance and fell under the train all the way at first.

A debris guard pushed him out from under the heavy steel wheels, but not clear of the train.

"It caught him and dragged him about 35 feet. And he didn't get out until he got knocked loose when he hit the wheelchair ramp," Krivit said.

Sam survived, though badly hurt, in pain on the track.

Paramedics didn't get an emergency call for seven minutes. They showed up four minutes later.

"He had a fractured left clavicle. He broke his fourth and 11th ribs and he also had fractures at T2 and T3 on his spine," Krivit said.

He hasn't filed a lawsuit, but asked RTD for an out-of-court settlement.

"We're in negotiations, and he's still getting treatment, and he's still getting things resolved," Krivit said.

Haynes' attorney also said he want to make sure that safety issues are addressed.

"It was difficult for the train operator to see. That's a bad line of sight there," said Scott Reed, RTD spokesman.

Reed said the driver eventually stopped the train farther down, and police reports show he cooperated.

The driver should have seen the man, Reed said, but he won't go into more detail.

"The train operator could have used mirrors a bit more effectively," he said.

Krivit said he doesn’t know if the transit authority is at fault.

"To be honest, we are working directly with RTD about exactly what happened. I mean, Sam fell over, you know, and that may have started this chain reaction, but we think that the train shouldn't have taken off until he was clear of the platform," he said.

Legal negotiations can take months, so it will likely be a while before this case - with the video that is making so many people gasp - gets resolved.

"We're sure that the driver involved didn't intend or this to happen, and we understand that, but it's all about how we can learn from this situation and avoid it in the future," Krivit said.

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