Local Augusta store focusing on CBD-infused products

Local Augusta store focusing on CBD-infused products

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Managing pain is a huge topic across the country right now, especially with the ongoing opioid crisis. One local store is looking to change that if you're one of the millions of pain sufferers. 

The CBD Augusta Store is the first store in Augusta to focus solely on selling cannabidiol, or CBD products, according to Dylan Lyons, co-owner of The CBD Augusta Store. They opened on Tuesday selling a variety of products including bath bombs, pain cream, face cream, edibles, hard candies and more. 

Victoria Smiley, The CBD Augusta Store manager, says this is perfect for anyone looking for an all-natural solution to getting rid of inflammation in the body. "You're getting the help without the high; CBD is a cannabinoid that our bodies naturally produce, most of us just don't produce enough of it."

CBD is extracted from industrial hemp, not marijuana, so you get the physical and mental benefits without being high. According to the FDA, THC is a psychoactive component in marijuana that gives you the feeling of being high, but that won't be found in this product. 

"It's non-addicting; it's super natural, it's something that our body already produces, so it's not like we're putting any foreign substances in there," Smiley said. 

With offering this alternative, owners of The CBD Store Augusta hope to help people abusing opioids, stray away from them. Smiley says she's seen first hand how CBD can assist in pain treatment. "Just hearing the testimonies and using it and letting our friends and family use it and seeing how it's helped them... Augusta needed something like this and in the wake of the opioid crisis that's going on right now, we needed an alternative."

There's even an option for pets suffering from anxiety. They sell treats and water-soluble products for pets.  "During thunderstorms, if they have tremors, just dab a little bit of this in their mouth and it'll help calm them down," Smiley explained.

The grand opening for this store is Saturday at 10 am. The address is 4015 Washington Road Unit B, Martinez, Georgia.

For more information, you can call (706) 869-5773.

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