High 5 4 Kids: Neiman Sneed

High 5 4 Kids: Neiman Sneed

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Every day during the summer out at Diamond Lakes Regional Park, you'll find a young man who is in love with the back and fourth of tennis.

Coach Michael Harden says, "He's gone from hitting the ball in a safe manner to being a lot more aggressive in his play." And now ranking as a top 30 player in Georgia, and in the top 1500 players his age in the nation….tennis is a passion for Neiman Sneed.

Coach Harden says, "His ability to problem solve while he's out there on the court has grown tremendously since he was playing in the tens."

Neiman comments, "Thinking ahead of other shots. Not really thinking about the shot I'm hitting. But, what's going to happen after I hit that shot."

But, his extremely proud father George Sneed says this young man is more than just an athlete. "Neiman has never made a "B" in school. And he has his siblings to be thankful for it because he chases them and they push him."

George Sneed comments, "He is a straight-A student at Davidson Fine Arts where he also plays. "He's a concert pianist. Plays the violin. He's a dancer …he dances as well."

Yep…you heard it right...never once has this renaissance man earned less than an "A".

Neiman says, "I put in the work for the academics. After a while, you get used to it. And then it's not that hard to put in that much work."

"I have the opportunity to mold him right now into an exceptional young man. And he's already on the path. Like I said. I call him my renaissance man. He does it all," said George Sneed.

A path Nieman hopes will take him to play tennis on a whole other level. "Any Division-1 school would be good, UGA, Georgia Tech," Neiman says.

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