Georgia Cyber Center Has Opened

Georgia Cyber Center Has Opened

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The Georgia Cyber center celebrated it's opening ceremony on Tuesday, July 10. It was finished in just over a year.

The center will bring millions of jobs to Augusta, but more importantly, it will train millions of Americans in cybersecurity.

There was alot of clapping and cheering during the ribbon cutting ceremony in downtown Augusta.

Officials from the state and Fort Gordon were at the ceremony, and they praised the workers who were able to get the building up and running so quickly.

Governor Nathan Deal was also praised for choosing Augusta as the place for the center, but the governor said that the importance of the building is much greater than simply where it is, or who decided to put it there.

Governor Deal said, "This facility is going to reap the knowledge....and they are going to make sure nobody steals your knowledge, because knowledge is power."

The facility is projected to bring in so many jobs, that they have already started construction on a second cyber center right next door.

That center is planned to be finished December 18, 2018.

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