New Cyber Center Has Many Local Ties

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The Georgia Cyber Center celebrated its grand opening Tuesday, July 10th.

Hours before the ribbon cutting ceremony, FOX 54 got a sneak peek at the facility, and we noticed that the center does a lot to relate to the community of Augusta.

Not only is the center going to bring millions of jobs to the CSRA, but it is also celebrating everything that Augusta has to offer.

The artwork that lines the walls of the new building relate back to Augusta and Georgia. The theme of the collection is "connectivity" and each floor has an individual theme.

The artwork includes artists, like James Brown, with ties to Augusta and the state of Georgia. There are also other pieces that reference the history of Augusta, and what the future will look like here. The piece as a whole was done by a local woman.

Other than the art, local food vendors are used in the center, as well as student interns from Augusta University and Augusta Technical College.

One tour guide said the cyber center hopes to train local law enforcement so that they do not have to reach out to other law enforcement around the country.

This center will be providing millions of jobs and economic growth to Augusta, but it's also celebrating that the center is located in Augusta, and is giving opportunities to the people that are already here.

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