What to Expect If Your Dog Ends Up At the Shelter

What to expect if your dog ends up in the shelter

Now, we want to warn you what can happen if your dog ends up at the shelter.

By law, shelters have to hold an animal for five days before it is put up for adoption. So, if you lose your pet, and fail to get it from the shelter within five days, your pet might be adopted by another family.

This is a scary thought for pet owners.

Molly Braun said, "Oh my gosh. I would be devastated if she got lost and picked up, and I didn't get in there in time."

People who work with the shelter say it's important to check back with the shelter every day in case your pet shows up after you have checked.

Bobby Arthurs, manager of the Aiken County Animal Shelter, said, "The dog may not have been brought to the animal shelter yet. It may not have been picked up by animal control yet. Always come to visit us."

If you do come to your local shelter and find your missing pet, you will have some fees to pay before you can take them home with you.

These fees can add up, and while it may be aggravating to some pet owners, others say it's worth it to get their furry friend back home.

Vanessa Childs said, "It's unfortunate that you have to pay large fees for boarding, but at least your animal was found."

Braun added, "I would just be happy to get my dog back."

These fees cover charges for boarding the animal, veterinarian fees and micro-chipping the animal.

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