Columbia County Officials expect all of Evans Towne Center Park to be open in August

COLUMBIA COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - When will some of the closed areas in Evans Towne Center open back up?

Many of our viewers remember Memorial Day Weekend where Mother Nature and the events at the Banjo-B-Que caused the grass to be uprooted and the county to close it off.

In a nutshell, Commissioners voted for crews to lay down fescue grass, and over time it will grow and then bermuda grass will be put down. The rain Columbia County experienced on Friday actually helps speed up this recovery process which in turn, makes a target date for everything to open that much sooner.

For James Oberzan and his family, they couldn't picture life without enjoying Evans Towne Center Park.

However, signs all over point to several sections being off limits.  "It would have been devastating for my son because he loves coming here, he doesn't want to go to any other park," says James Oberzan.

This was the scene here about 5 weeks ago. Heavy rain, foot traffic and vendors from the Banjo-B-Que all playing a part in the wear and tear of it.

Fast forward to now, the grass looks almost back to life but still, it's off limits causing the annual Boom in the Park to be relocated to a different park. "I didn't really enjoy it. The fireworks were very slow paced compared to here," says Oberzan.

Columbia County crews say because they're still monitoring the fields to make sure the grass is growing back properly, they don't want to re-open those blocked off parks and deal with the same issues in the future.

"You don't want it to just grow back and not have a good root structure if it's barely there. Kids go out and ride their bike or play ball or something like that and you'll have mud everywhere," says Oberzan.

While others are enjoying what else the park has to offer, James tells me he and his family are patiently looking forward to when all things return back to normal.

"It makes me feel great. Me and my wife and all of us can come here, and I don't have to worry about parking in the field," she says.

One Columbia County Official told me they don't want to put a concrete date on it, but if Mother Nature allows it, the target date to re-open Evans Towne Center Park will be the first few weeks of August.

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