Local couple offers llama tours in Columbia County

Local couple offers llama tours in Columbia County

COLUMBIA COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - It's not every day you drive down a road and see an opportunity for llama tours. But, one local couple in Evans is giving the public a chance to interact one on one with their llamas. 

Dorthe Peloquin, the owner of Peloquin's Perch, says she is very passionate about her llamas. "I have 28 and I love every single one of them. Each one of them has a different personality."

Before opening up her llama tour business, Peloquin competed competitively at llama shows. She showed for 11 years hand won several times and now she's retiring her llamas.  "It's just time to show the public what genuinely affectionate and loving and intelligent animals these are."

Peloquin says there are many misunderstandings about some of the traits llamas have.  "Many of the notions might be incorrect or just misinformed but they're really wonderful animals to own once you domesticate them."

Llama tours are a great way to find out just how majestic these animals are.  "Just hugging, without discipline. The discipline is the teaching and the desensitizing and teaching them how to interact with humans," Peloquin said.

On the llama tour, you're able to dress up the furry animals and take them through courses. "We will take you among the animals and teach you how affectionate and how well-trained they are, put you through some obstacles, let you handle a llama-it's a hands-on experience that's intended to be an intimate experience between you and the animal," Peloquin explained.

Prices for the tours are as follows:  Adults $125,  Children 12 – 17 $75, Children 6 – 11 $55. 

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