Family doesn't know where to turn after storm topples large pecan tree

Family doesn't know where to turn after storm topples large pecan tree

RICHMOND COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - The first thing that came to Calvin Brown's mind when he saw a fallen giant in his mother's front yard was to pray.

"I said 'oh man, Lord have mercy. We were praying that no one got hurt, that's the most important thing. And we just saw this disaster - now what are we going to do?"

Friday night, showers and storms swept through Augusta.

Winds wrestled a large pecan tree to the ground on Harvard Drive.

"I mean the wind was real strong. I was telling her - she was in there baking a cake. I told her, 'you ain't look out the window and see those trees laying on the ground?' She said 'what trees?' I said ' look out the window.'"

Brown's mother bought the house in the 1970s. He said he's never seen anything like this happen here. Last night he and his wife, Sharon, heard the news and hurried from Hepzibah to South Augusta to check on their nephew.

Only pieces of that pecan tree remain, but the Browns say they're just happy no one was inside when it fell. He said his nephew was sitting under a tree, but went to a friend's house when the rain began. His nephew returned home to find the damage.

"It was even rooted up from the ground. Even the hedges and all came up with the tree," said Sharon Brown.

Calvin Brown is amazed at where tree landed.

"It fell kind of perfect because it didn't even damage his fence, or his fence. Don't know if you could say it's a perfect fall. Didn't do nothing but take the wires down."

The Browns don't know what to do next. They say they're not sure if picking up the pieces is the city's responsibility or theirs.

One thing they do know, is that a piece of the past no longer stands.

"Brings a tear to my eye because I used to come home and get the pecans out - it's a pecan tree. The pecans was really - every other year you would have pecans," recalled Calvin Brown.

A 40-foot power pole was brought in to replace the one that broke in last night's storm, according to a representative from Georgia Power. The company said power was estimated to be restored to nine meters on that street by 6:30 p.m.

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