Bar Patrons & Owners talk about the possibility of an Open Container Law

Bar Patrons & Owners talk about the possibility of an Open Container Law
Augusta is considering the possibility of an Open Container Law (Source: WFXG)

It was not discussed for long during this past Tuesday's commission but word is already spreading fast downtown on the law possibly being changed to allow people to carry alcoholic drinks on the streets.

"My theory is the more liquor you sell, the more customers you get. It will be great for the bars and the restaurants and the nightclubs," says George Taylor.

Taylor goes to Joe's Underground for a beer or two and says he's been in cities like Tallahassee where something similar was passed. "Just like anything, there are plus and negatives on it. The real plus it will probably bring more businesses to the downtown area," he says.

Commissioners that FOX 54 reached out to for comment say they didn't want to get on-camera because there's still more research that needs to be done.  "People have to be responsible for it. I do think it will work in the area," says Taylor.

As for management for some of these bars, it's way too early to know what kind of impact it will have on their business.

"It may be six months, it may be two or three years and that's when you can look back on your sales and figure your revenue and any changes in your clientele and you can realize what's really going on," says Nick Marsala, General Manager of Joe's Underground.

This item is expected to be on the agenda the first week of July. Commissioners say they will know more then. They expect to vote on it the following week.

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