Up For Adoption Now: Gregor

(WFXG) - AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - WFXG is a big champion for animals in need.  This week's featured pet Up Fur Adoption Now –Gregor. Gregor is being sheltered by Hands To Paws.

Here's what they told us about him:

"Gregor is a 5-6 year old American Staffordshire Terrier. Gregor has an expressive face and a wonderful personality that wins over everyone he meets. Gregor loves people and just wants to be around them. He loves to go car riding. Two of his favorite places are Bruster's and Starbucks.  Gregor loves to curl up on the floor or couch next to someone. Gregor is great on a leash. Gregor likes having all of the attention himself and is dog selective so he would be best suited for a home with no other pets. And no young children because of his strength."

You can reach the rescue by giving them a call at (706) 481-0657 or sending them an email at handtopawsrescue@gmail.com.

You can find more info about them on their website.