GA law enforcement cracking down to make roads safer

BURKE COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - We told you earlier this week that there have been 10 fatalities on Burke County roadways. Now, law enforcement is taking new action to make roads safer.

Well, pretty soon you will see more officers on the roads in burke county. And I'm told that there will be less warning and more tickets. Due to the 10 fatalities this year, the Governors Office of Highway Safety grant was awarded so there will be two new heat team officers assigned to do nothing but traffic enforcement it was approved during this weeks commission meeting.

Law enforcement says they are always doing their part but it's up to the drivers to practice safe driving. That means no speeding, no distractions, and no drinking and driving. They are also working with other departments in the county.

Chief Lewis Blanchard with the Burke County Sheriff's Office says, "We've worked with the sign department to make sure that signs are up quickly. We've worked with the department of transportation to identify red lights that only have a 3-second delay to request a 5-second delay. Any little thing that we can come up with we are trying to team up with Vogtle and DOT and others in the road department to make sure it's just not about enforcement."

He says when you are ejected from a vehicle you have an 80% chance of dying, so wear a seat belt.

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