Men's Health Month: June

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - June is Men's Health month and throughout the country, health officials are trying to raise awareness about the importance of yearly doctor visits.
FOX 54's Miya Payton tells us more about why doctors say it's important that men don't procrastinate on going to the hospital.

According to a health study conducted by Everyday Health, 60% of men say they do not go to the doctor.

"When it comes to the common cold and things along those lines I usually don't go to the doctor."

Ernie Williamson says colds, headaches, and body aches often go away on their own.

But after some health scares of his own, he thinks differently – not too long ago he was having problems breathing.

"I went to the doctor and they didn't even allow me to leave the examining room. They called an ambulance and took me to the hospital... come to find out I had a heart murmur. And it ended up being open heart surgery to replace the valve."

He says he is lucky to be alive.

Doctor Tonjino from Doctors Hospital says it's important that all men have a primary care doctor for yearly visits and to keep a record of their medical history.
He says choosing to not see a doctor may have negative consequences down the road.

Dr. Conrado Tonjino of Doctor's Hospital states, "How we treat our bodies now will affect it in ten to twenty years and so if we want to live productively and have a good life when we're in our seventies and eighties, we really have to start taking care of our bodies now and the key is prevention."

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